Celebrating 75 Years of Service!
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Celebrating 75 Years of Service!

A Note from Our Founder

Celebrating Seventy Five Years of Service!When I was a kid my grandparents bought a nursing home in an old house  - called a rest home in those days. My mother was a single mom, so I lived with my grandparents in the back room of the rest home. Grandma cared for the 6 patients and Grandpa built on more rooms as needed. They constantly strived for improvement and quality care. Time passed and the facility grew from 6 to 65 by 1955.

In 1955 we built a new 102-bed nursing home a few miles away from the old place. Grandpa designed the new building to incorporate all the latest thinking.

It was truly a family business. My grandma was the administrator, Grandpa was the builder and maintenance man, my mom worked in the office, my sister worked in laundry services, and my sister-in-law was the cook. We all lived and worked together.

Fast forward to today with my son and his wife, Robert and Jennifer White, and my daughter and her husband, Melody and Chip Gabriel, at the lead. Having my children involved in our business has been key to our growth and success.

In 75 years, we have cared for thousands upon thousands of older adults. We have created innovations in care and service for seniors and their families, most notably being a pioneer in assisted living.  We have reinvented retirement living at each and every community we have built and operated. And we continue in the mission to give that same personal care to each of our residents as Grandma did in that little house 75 years ago.

Wendell White - Founder of Generations75 years of service!  A remarkable achievement by any measure!  And we plan to celebrate!  Stay tuned this year for the many ways in which we will rejoice enhancing lives and celebrating the excitement of living.  

Thank for being a part of the history of Generations!  Your choice to live and work with us has made this possible! Please enjoy this calendar with our compliments.

Wendell White Signature

Wendell White

Wendell White as a boy in 1943.

After the family moved to Grants Pass, Wendell began the first gradeon Jan 2nd, 1943.

Parkview Rest Home Opens in 1943

In Grants Pass, Oregon, Mabel and Alfonzo open their first nursing home, Parkview Rest Home, in 1943.

Parkview Nursing Home in Grants Pass in 1958

In 1958, Wendell’s grandparents Mabel and Alfonzo open their new senior residence, Parkview Nursing Home, in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Elzora manor in Milton Freewater, Oregon in 1965

Wendell and Betsy open their first community, Elzora Manor, in Milton Freewater, Oregon on June 5th, 1965.

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