Senior Wellness at Paradise Village

The benefits of leading an active senior lifestyle are many and well studied throughout the world. Regular exercise promotes a healthy mind, wards off injury and illness and also just plain makes you feel better! Hitting the gym is not for everyone and retirement communities all over have developed creative programs to get you moving from low-impact exercise classes to swimming.

For most of us, just getting off the couch to get to the program or gym is the hard part but you can find inspiration in the smallest of places.

  • Ask a friend from your community to join you and keep you motivated.
  • Subscribe to a fitness magazine.
  • Watch television shows that are health-minded.
  • Subscribe to a fitness blog or YouTube channel.

Paradise Village offers an exercise room with strength training machines, staff with expertise in senior fitness, classes tailored to your individual capacity, an 18-hole putting course and a beautiful swimming pool.

As always, please discuss any exercise regimen with your personal physician before starting.

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