Cell Phones for Seniors

Today’s cell phones can do so much more than just make calls. How do you decide what phone is right for your needs and then what plan will be the best value?

Technology is getting more and more complex, and navigating the myriad of choices can be overwhelming. These few simple things are all you may need:

  • Make and receive calls
  • Ability to hear callers
  • Ability to see numbers and displays
  • Simple easy-to-use menus

There are also several other things to consider:

  • Coverage area: will you have good reception for making calls?
  • Minutes: how frequently will you use your phone?
  • Support: will your provider be able to help you with questions?

Have providers go over their plans with you and what their terms like “anytime minutes” or “nights and weekend minutes” mean. Terms like roaming* and overage** are common across carriers but many terms are not.

Take a look at family plans and pre-paid plans to keep your costs down. Ask around, your friends in your retirement community may have some recommendations for you. Be realistic about how many minutes you will use and if you happen to go over your allotted minutes, call your provider to upgrade your plan. They often will retroactively update your plan and remove overage charges.

Cell phone models change frequently but a couple that were found to be a good fit for seniors:


Samsung T101G from TracFone

AT&T F160

Samsung M360 on Sprint

To read reviews on cell phone models that are good for seniors you can visit: http://cellphonesforseniorcitizens.blogspot.com/

*Roaming: when you are outside of your main coverage area and your phone roams the airwaves to find signal for you to make calls. If you are outside of your main area, there may be an additional charge depending on your cell phone plan.

**Overage: the amount of minutes over your allotted plan.

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