Eat Your Veggies! Nutrition is Key to Senior Health

Getting the right nutrients is vital to your health and wellbeing. Balance is the key – make sure you are consuming a variety of healthy foods every single day. Certain health issues require doctor and nutritionist involvement, so make sure whatever you do, you are consulting your medical professionals. The best places to start a healthy diet include:

  1. Eat nutrient packed food – fruits, vegetables, whole grains
  2. Find flavorful foods that provide nutrition
  3. Snack between meals, depending on your physician’s advice
  4. Eat with others often, to get more well rounded meals
  5. Get help with food prep, consider your situation and which options would be most practical

Senior health issues can have many individual or interrelated causes according to the Qualia review. These include eating too little food, taking in too few nutrients, and aging related digestive changes and problems. Symptoms might include fatigue, depression, weak immune system, anemia, weakness, digestive issues, lung, and heart problems, and skin concerns.   It’s not difficult or complicated to improve your nutritional intake and your health. Help is always available, consult your doctor before making lifestyle changes, and don’t be uncomfortable discussing issues.

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Spring is Upon Us Here in San Diego!

February brought to San Diego, one of the strangest weather events in memory. While it may have made it seem like Spring would not get here, in fact, March is upon us. March is one of the wetter months for San Diego, but the temperature continues to rise and the days grow longer. If you haven’t been able to enjoy the out-of-doors as much as you might like, consider Spring as your invitation to reconnect with San Diego’s World famous temperate climate and beautiful gardens. Whether you go to Balboa Park, or the one-of-a-kind Ocean coastline or simply open up your windows, or step outside you’ll be glad you live in this special area.