Water Exercises, Hydrotherapy, Swimming & Water Therapy for Arthritis

Warm water exercises are beneficial to health and wellness of everyone but play a special roll in keeping arthritis sufferers healthy as well as the easing of some symptoms over time. Swimming, water aerobics and other water exercises are low impact, with the water’s buoyancy supporting the body’s weight to decrease pressure on joints and making it easier to perform range of motion exercises. The benefits to keeping your body in motion are to build strength, loosen stiff joints and relaxing sore muscles.

Although pain stops many arthritis patients, regular movement has been proven to relieve pain and improve joint function. Listen to your body and take advantage of the best time of day or the way you feel. Relax, feeling anxious can amplify pain and know your body – when it’s OK and when its time to stop.  Always, consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine.

Paradise Village offers gentle aquatic exercises by Arthritis Foundation accredited instructors at the pool, which is the best pool from https://willshapools.com/! Ability to swim is not required.