Going the Distance

If you’re a runner, perhaps the name Dr. George Sheehan rings a bell.  If not, you may want to pick up one of his books on the subject, one that he knew quite a lot about.  Dr. Sheehan was an accomplished physician and a forerunner (pun intended, of course) in the jogging/running movement of the 70’s.  Throughout his later years, he became an icon of the benefits and the joys of running, a celebrated author, and a man who celebrated the excitement of living each and every day.

His words on running seem to fit perfectly with Generations’ mission of Enhancing Lives and Celebrating the Excitement of Living.  We believe that everyone is an athlete and that wellness is an integral part of life, no matter one’s age.  Here is a quote from George Sheehan’s book, “Going the Distance”.  Enjoy your road!  Make it an exciting journey!

“To many people, growing old seems like the endgame in chess: life winding down in a series of small moves with lesser pieces.  As I age, I have discovered this is not true.  I am not an elderly king stripped of my powers, reduced to a ragtail army of pawns.  My life is not a defensive struggle of restricted options.  Growing old is a game of verve and imagination and excitement!

The aging game is chess at its best.  The opening gambit may have been made long ago.  The responses long set in motion.  Some pieces indeed have been lost.  But the board is still filled with opportunity.  The outcome is not now a matter of strength, although that still remains, but of faith and courage, hope and wisdom.

The aging game is a sport for which childhood and youth and maturity are no more than a preparation.  Its scope comes as a surprise.  It expands my life at a time when I expected it to diminish.  It demands an excellence that no longer seemed necessary.  It asks me to surpass what I did at the peak of my powers.  Age will not accept second best.

In the aging game I must be all I ever was and am yet to be.  What has gone before is no more than a learning period.  A breaking in.  Life, someone has said, is boot camp.  If it is, age is the combat for which I was trained.  Now I must take this person I have become and make each new day special.  I must make good on the promise of every dawn I a privileged to see!”

Well said, Dr. Sheehan!  We shall go and greet each dawn with excitement!

Paradise Village Hosts Ultra-Walker Leo Schreven!

Paradise Village is proud to host Leo Schreven – the man who walked across America in 100 days!  Paradise Village warmly invites you to this free event so that you can be inspired to achieve your maximum potential, no matter your age.

Mr. Schreven has been walking across the country to bring awareness of the issue of malnutrition in children around the world and to raise funds to combat this problem.  In total, he has walked a marathon each day for the past 100 days.  You can go to www.kidscharitywalk.com for more information.

The Kids Charity Walk is working in partnership with MannaRelief (www.mannarelief.org), a Christian inter-denominational, non-profit organization that provides advanced nutritional support to malnourished children around the world. Since 1999 they have helped over 109,000 children in over 83 countries of the world.

Come and listen to Leo talk about his journey, his secrets to motivation, and his mission.  It’s an evening sure to inspire!

We hope to see you on Wednesday, May 18th at 7pm.

For more information, call 619-475-0383.