San Diego Experiences Significant Power Outage

Yesterday, San Diego experienced a power failure, the likes of which have not been experienced before on this scale.  More than two million households were without power, from Baja, California into South Orange County.  This disrupted most all area businesses, caused extraordinary gridlock on highways and surface streets, and closed the Lindbergh  Airport for all in-bound and outbound flights.

Paradise Village residents and staff, however, took great comfort in one another and rode out the electrical disruption in style.  With ample power produced from back-up generators, Paradise Village operations continued with only minimal interruption.  Central services in the Plaza, such as restaurant dining, WiFi internet, all elevators, Club Paradise wellness facilities, and most other services did not experience problems.  In fact, the camaraderie produced through the event was extremely positive!  It even caused an impromptu social hour around both the speech from President Obama and the season opening NFL football game.

“I’m so happy with the response from staff and management and the community was quite prepared to handle this problem!” exclaimed one Paradise Village resident.

Other communities in the San Diego, without generators to back up their electrical systems, did not fare as well.  With some residents stuck in elevators and complete shut down of services and amenities, these communities had a much more difficult time during these long hours.

Thanks go out to staff and residents for such a positive response to an unprecedented blackout.  Paradise Village’s design and construction proved worthy to provide residents and employees safety and security in an otherwise daunting situation.