Senior Women Say Wear Lipstick!

Paradise Village Retirement Community is home to the Ms. Senior San Diego Pageant!“Wear Lipstick.” This is about the craziest advice for living well given to senior women that I have seen, but in a way it makes perfect sense. A scientific example of this was given in a Harvard study which found that women who thought they looked younger after a visit to a salon actually had a drop in blood pressure. Anecdotally, a recent interview of vibrant women entering their 11th decade – yes, 11th decade – with vigor and spirit found a similar thread in the consensus of the group – that self confidence is a marvelous thing and a little vanity is good for you.

We have seen this same phenomenon on our senior living campus too. To the delight of everyone, Paradise Village Retirement Community has the privilege of calling itself home to the Ms. Senior San Diego Pageant. This event honors women in the ‘Age of Elegance’ who best portray dignity, maturity, and inner beauty, and is intended to inspire all of us to live a full, balanced, and vivacious life. One cannot help but feel that this group of gracious, fit, happy and social contestants, lives by the ‘Wear Lipstick’ philosophy.

This leads to the thought that of course it is not really about makeup and it’s not about being model perfect or conforming to guidelines that do not fit us. The senior women who offered their insights on living well were talking about enhancing who we feel we are, about recognizing within ourselves something worth celebrating and something worth sharing. Their insights, summed up by the idea of wearing lipstick, were full of approaches to feed your soul, indulge in yourself, generate positive energy and grow confidence.

So there it is. Feel beautiful. It is key to a long and wonderful life.