5 Things I Learned Working With Seniors


Paradise Village employee, James AllenMy first job working with seniors


Next month will mark my one year anniversary of working for Paradise Village, a great retirement community in National City, CA. They offer assisted and independent living along with many amenities including a coffee shop, fine dining, beauty salon, credit union, health clinic, Olympic-length heated pool, library, theater with seating for 200+, and more.


I began working at Paradise Village as a contractor, assisting just the employees with on-site tech support. After about one month I transitioned into being a part-time employee and I also began working with seniors (residents, as we refer to them) and their family members, handling IT/tech-related questions.  Overall I’ve had great experiences working with all the residents and staff on campus. Since this was my first job in the senior living industry, I’ve had quite a few learning opportunities. If you are taking care of your elderly parents and need help during the day while you work then enroll them in a elder day care.


These are the top five things I learned working with our residents: Continue reading

Another Reason to Add Calcium

To enhance the lives of our residents and employees, our Wellness Team works hard to keep you informed! Here is a Wellness Tip from our Paradise Village Wellness Team:

Wellness through adding calcium to your diet - advice for senior wellness.Did you know that calcium can keep you from storing fat? When your body is low on calcium, it produces a hormone that signals the body to store visceral fat. Meeting your recommended daily calcium needs (that’s 1,000 milligrams for adults) can help reduce levels of this hormone. Continue reading