Benefits of Creating a Daily Routine for Dementia Patients

Dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s can be incredibly difficult—both for patients and caregivers—but there are some things that can be done to make it less challenging for both the patient in memory care in National City and others, and that includes developing or continuing a routine.

Depending on the type of dementia a person has, it can attack the short-term memory first, making it hard for them to learn new things. However, they often retain long-term memories, and having consistent, established routines can be beneficial.

There are a different types of routines, including those that are done on a regular basis such as eating breakfast (and eating certain things for breakfast), spending time reading or watching the news, having a hair appointment on a specific day of the week, going for a walk at a certain time of the day, and so on.

A routine might also consist of completing tasks in a specific order. For example, when getting ready for the day, a person might lay out their clothes on the bed, go into the bathroom to wash their face and brush their teeth, do their hair, then come back out to get dressed.

Developing a routine for a person with dementia may include building off the tasks that they already have established or slowly introducing them to new things. The routine should consist of getting some type of physical exercise, such as walking, and adding some puzzles, word games, art, or music to the day to stimulate their brain.

The most important part of developing a routine is to remain consistent, and it has to be something that the caregiver can also accomplish. This will make the routine less stressful for both the patient and others.

Having a routine is beneficial to the patient because it helps them maintain brain function. If they continue to do these specific things day in and day out, including getting some exercise, it may be a memory they don’t lose. Having a routine also reduces anxiety because the person will know exactly what to expect, so that could give them more confidence and make them feel more comfortable.

A routine may also give a person in memory care in National City some independence. Since they know what to expect, are confident in their ability to accomplish the task, and it’s something they do regularly, this can be great for their self-esteem and confidence.

Dealing with dementia is a challenging time for both the patient and the caregivers. Having a routine can help reduce stress and help both parties get through their day will relative ease. If both people know what to expect, this may reduce the amount of challenging behaviors that arise and make everyone feel comfortable and confident.

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