Ways to Boost Memory

As humans age, they have a tendency to lose some of their brain function. This could have an impact on the brain and what a person remembers. While not all issues, including dementia, can be reversed, there are some ways to boost brain activity and help a person in memory care in San Diego remember things.

  1. Go for a walk

Physical activity not only benefits the brain, but it also helps the body. It helps lower the risk of many diseases that can have an impact on brain function, including diabetes, obesity, stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Getting out for 30 minutes a day does a body and mind good.

  1. Play mind games

Just like physical exercise is good for the body, mental exercises can be beneficial also. Reading, playing cards, doing crosswords, or doing word searches are all ways to engage the brain. A person could even put together a puzzle or download an app on their phone. Any activity that requires thinking will be beneficial for the brain.

  1. Be social

Being around people and engaging in conversation is a great way to help brain function in memory care in San Diego. This will also lower depression and make a person feel loved and accepted.

  1. Get enough sleep

Sleep is when the brain and body heal, and without getting proper rest, a person will be both physically and mentally exhausted. Getting enough sleep is imperative for a healthy body and mind, so make it a point to go to bed on time.

  1. Relax

Being stressed is bad for the brain, and it releases chemicals that make it difficult to access information from the past. Staying relaxed by participating in activities such as yoga or meditation are helpful, as is getting a massage.

  1. Eat a healthy diet

Eating the right foods benefits the entire body, but certain foods, such as fish, nuts, blueberries, and avocados, have been proven to be good for the brain. Incorporate these into a diet to hold off negative effects of memory loss.

  1. Be organized

If the living space is in disarray, the mind will be too. Keep all things in a specific place so that they are easy to find when needed, including car keys, wallet or purse, cell phone, and other items. Keep a calendar of events and write down anything of importance or make to-do lists so that information and tasks can be cemented in the mind.

The older a person gets, the more forgetful they may become. Finding ways to prolong brain function is beneficial, and it can be good for the brain and for the rest of the body.

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