The Top Ways Retirement Communities Are Making the Golden Years Great Ones

the-top-ways-sizedRetirement communities in today’s society are designed to enhance the lives of their residents through rich community life, opportunities for maintained independence, and sometimes even luxury accommodations that call to mind five-star hotels and exotic resort destinations. Unlike the stigma of the past, these communities aren’t “facilities for the elderly.” They are neighborhoods, vibrant with bustling activity and overflowing with vitality.

Here are some of the top ways that today’s retirement communities are making the Golden Years great years for everyone.

1) Affordability

Yes, senior care facilities and communities in high-cost cities like San Diego can be expensive. But there are always options to defer some of the costs. Some communities offer move-in specials. Others offer access to specialists who are trained in seeking funding, grants, and financial assistance for eligible seniors. Some communities offer discounts for residents living with roommates, making resort-style living in apartments or even penthouse suites a feasible option that is sure to be enjoyable.

2) Food

Long-gone are the days of the stigma of cafeteria-type food. Seniors in resort retirement communities have access to both fine dining and casual dining, in both atmosphere design and in delicious cuisine. Meals are designed with nutritional needs in mind but prepared in a way that is both pleasing to the eye and to the palette. Many chefs will also prepare dishes of nostalgic or cultural significance that residents are sure to appreciate and enjoy. Further abandoning older models of cafeteria-type food, residents can also enjoy gourmet coffee at on-site coffee shops.

3) Recreation

An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle! Retirement communities like those in San Diego offer a wealth of options for residents to choose from when it comes to staying active and fit. An on-site golf course might be the perfect choice for getting out and enjoying the California sunshine and a little competitive energy. Water aerobics or swimming laps in the pool might be the best way to relax and burn some calories at the same time. Many facilities offer modified fitness classes and keep groomed walking trails on the property available to everyone.

4) The Arts

What is life without art? Some communities offer their residents access to an on-site art studio as an outlet for creative pursuits. Instrumental or singing musical groups are also formed for songbirds who have a flair for performance. Film buffs can enjoy classic and modern films in an on-site movie theater. Retirement communities also often employ an activities director who plans any number of theme events, parties, and celebrations that residents can enjoy together.


How to Care for a Loved One Struggling with Memory Loss

care-for-memoryGrowing older has many upsides: you no longer have to work long hours. You have lived life and learned life lessons, so a certain level of wisdom has been gained. Plus, now that the kids are grown, it’s much easier to sit back and enjoy grandchildren and great grandchildren!

A painful reality of growing older for many, however, is memory loss. For the person experiencing it, it can be confusing, frustrating, and even terrifying. For the families, watching a loved one struggle can be scary and heartbreaking. While it can take on different forms and exist to different extents, those who struggle can find comfort with some simple steps that may make things a little bit easier.

1) Shared Experiences

Experts and family members alike say that one frustrating aspect of trying to help a family member experiencing this is the inability to know what to talk about. Family members who try to re-tell family stories may frustrate and confuse their loved one, which in turn leaves the family member unsure of what to say. Rather than watch communication completely break down, some programs offer a solution. A prominent community art institution, for example, offers a program where caregivers and those struggling with diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s can visit the galleries for free, experience a piece of art together, and then use given prompts to discuss it. Program organizers say this gives a loved one and their caregiver a shared experience to discuss that doesn’t involve long-term memory. This allows the two to interact without frustration.

 2) 24-7 Care

Family members often worry about their loved one becoming confused and wandering away from home. The loved one in turn can find this “hovering” condescending and suffocating. A good solution to meet everyone’s need might be a residential memory care facility in National City. Most such facilities offer specially trained staff and up-to-the-minute technology to ensure that one’s loved one is safe and enjoying life without being hovered over.

3) Underwhelming Environment

Such facilities cite the importance of what might seem to be an underwhelming living environment. Experts say that this is actually crucial, as dementia can make a regular home environment with multiple colors, clutter of memorabilia and artwork, and multiple rooms with varying décor feel completely overwhelming. Simplifying the loved one’s living environment can make moments of confusion a bit more bearable.

4) Patience

It’s very important for family members and caregivers to remember to be patient. Keep in mind that it is just as confusing, overwhelming, and frightening for the one who is experiencing it firsthand. With patient love and support, families can ease these stresses and come out of it all closer than ever.



The Seniors Club – What does it Mean?


Everybody wants to be a part of something. It’s human nature. Even if you are the shyest person in the world, there is still a part of you that wants to connect with other people.  When you reach your sixties, you can finally join a very special organization for people like you: the seniors club. Not everyone can be a part of this particular group. It is a privilege to be part of this club. Everyone who is able to join this community should consider themselves very lucky indeed. They get exclusive access to the best care, the best facilities, and they get to join fun activities. It’s an exclusive club and you, the senior, are its VIP.

Shared Interests

One of the best things about being part of a community in San Diego that includes memory care is having a group of people you can talk to. You might find someone with a shared interest, something which you are passionate about. This is great because you can talk with them about it for hours. On the other hand, you might also meet people who like things that you have no idea about. Talking to them is a great way to learn something new.  There is no age limit to acquiring new knowledge and skills. Talking to different people is a good way to acquire both.


Friends are great to have at any age.  You can never have too many of them. Daily human interaction is essential for both our physical, emotional and mental health. Having someone to talk to and spend time with is one of the best things about living in a shared home with other adults. Who knows, some of these friendships might even develop into something deeper. It would not even be surprising if you find your next partner here. No one is too old to start a relationship, whether it be of the romantic or simply the platonic kind.

Boost of Self-Confidence

Interacting with people at the memory care center in San Diego can give you a much-needed boost to your self-confidence. You are drawn out of your shell and you are led to discover things about yourself. You can express your thoughts and feelings without reservation, or simply listen and be genuinely interested in the other person. You realize you have value in the world. You have something important to contribute.   Your peers can learn something from you, while you in turn can learn from them. No man is an island. Whether young or old, everyone needs to feel that they belong, that they have a place where they can be at home!

Some Tips on How to Age Gracefully

age-gracefully-sizedWe will all grow old.  This is the reality that no one can escape. For many people it’s not exactly something that they look forward to.  You might even be one of these people. But the thought does not have to be so grim. With a little planning and the right attitude, your older years can actually turn out to be some of the best times of your life. Here are a few ideas on how to age gracefully.

Take Control

Ultimately, we are responsible for ourselves.   Sure, there are things that affect our life and our health that we cannot control like heredity, other people, and the environment.  But there are definitely things that we can control such as our diet, how much alcohol we consume, and how we react to stress.  We do have a choice, and it is up to us to make the better choices that will help us live a full and fulfilled life. The time may come when we may need the kind of special care that older people often need, such as memory care in National City. Having a positive attitude will make it easier for us to accept that this special care is necessary.

Stay Active

Doing regular physical activity is important as you grow older.  Moving your body gets your blood flowing and circulating better. Go outdoors as often as you can. Sunshine and fresh air will do you a lot of good.  You will also see new things, and this will stimulate your mind.  Do volunteer work in your community. Now that you aren’t so busy with work, you have time to give back to society in another way. Get involved in your neighborhood. Join a non-profit organization. There is surely a group that can use your expertise.  Teach the younger generation how to do things without relying on technology. Perhaps one day, you may wake up and realize that you need memory care, like that offered in National City. Allow yourself to accept it and save yourself unnecessary grief.

Be Grateful

Everyone needs to change their mindset about growing old. Think of it as a positive experience. It means you have lived life and you continue to be living life. You are much smarter than when you were younger, since you have accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge throughout your life.  Because of your hard work, you now own things that you once could only dream of owning when you were much younger. Most importantly, you have amassed countless memories that you will have forever.   Even while you receive memory care in National City, the good life that you have lived can never be taken away from you. Indeed, growing old is a privilege. It is also a gift.

How Senior Care Is Changing-For the Better


You may have preconceived notions of what senior care looks like, whether you are pondering it for yourself or a loved one. However, with a growing population of people using these type of facilities, the facilities themselves need to be able to adapt their changing needs and desires. This includes keeping in mind what the seniors themselves and adult children want.

One way that the old stereotypes are getting challenged is the idea of location. The classic concept would be somewhere peaceful and out of the way. There will always be a use for these, but some senior care facilities are beginning to look for space in urban areas and someplace that may be a cultural hotspot rather than a quiet place to live.

There are some different reasons for this: children want proximity to their parents, seniors demand cultural connection and a chance to enjoy the benefits of a community while still feeling like part of a larger community. Some recent requirements are access to arts and cultural attractions, social surroundings outside of the housing, stores, transportation options, as well as partnership with community programs. Being safe and secure is important, but now, senior care housing has become fun.  Even the layout of certain units is reflecting this concept. Some facilities are trying to move towards looks that emulate a traditional apartment.

In addition, we’re seeing more investment in recreational programs, whether it’s about entertainment, exercise, or even continued learning. As the opportunities for seniors grow across the world, this potential is reflected in care facilities.

Another thing to consider is that as the demand grows, there is going to be a greater need for skilled healthcare professionals, just like there would be in any other industry. To give you an idea of all the different people who make your memory care in San Diego experience great, check out the following list:

  • Certified Nurse Aides
  • Resident Caregivers
  • Medication Aides
  • Registered Nurses
  • Resident Services
  • LPNs
  • Other Nursing Staff

This isn’t including a variety of other people you may encounter over the course of your senior care journey, like at-home caregivers or people who come to these facilities for entertainment or events. As demand grows, you’re going to have more professionals who see all the different opportunities at hand. This means an influx of skilled medical professionals who are ready to make your experience the best possible for years to come. Overall, if you’re on the fence about facilities, now’s the time to leave your preconceived notions at the door.

How Supplements Keep People Happy and Healthy


When it comes to nutrition, there are plenty of reasons to try and get exactly what you need. One thing that gets lost is the fact that it just makes you feel good! Not only do proper nutrient levels play an important part in ensuring that all our bodily systems are functional, but they also help with mental health as well. Chances are that even something as simple as a multivitamin will help, with 30% of women needing help getting one or more vitamins and minerals. Here are some standouts you may want to add.

Iron: As people get older, they may need a little help with their iron levels, especially if they start feeling fatigue without any exertion. Iron plays a key role in producing red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. It’s not a bad idea to swap around some of your dietary choices as well to get some more iron in your diet. The top choices are dark green leafy vegetables like kale or lean red meats.

Magnesium: You probably don’t hear a lot about magnesium (as opposed to calcium), which is selling it short. Magnesium has a key role in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Some of these include general energy, heart support, immune support, and muscle function.

Calcium: Speaking of calcium, it is good for maintaining bone strength and healthy teeth, as you probably already know. What you may not know is that along with dairy products, green vegetables like spinach are some of your best sources of calcium around.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is something we get from sunlight, but depending on the weather where you live, it may be tough to get your daily dose. This helps with both skeletal health as well as hormonal balance. In addition, it also plays a role in mood, meaning a little vitamin D can make a good day that much better.

Omega-3s: The brain is just like any organ, and it needs certain nutrients to work, including maintaining your mood. One winner here is the omega-3 fatty acids. Not only do these help with brain function and mood in general, but they also help with cognitive performance and lowering inflammation.

One thing to keep in mind is that everyone has different needs when it comes to supplements. This means that you want to make sure that you have proper guidance on what your nutritional needs are and what dosages make sense. Your doctor or other medical professionals, like at memory care in National City, are best suited to give you this guidance.


Keep the Mind Sharp with These Activities for Seniors


It is essential for senior care facilities to have a variety of enjoyable and engaging activities to help keep the people living there stay healthy, sharp, and focused. Aside from doing activities that exercise the body, it is also crucial to have activities that work the brain. Seniors need as much mental stimulation as possible to stay alert, active, and happy.

In addition to jigsaw puzzles and board games, there are other activities that seniors can do to stay sharp. Adding a variety of games from the usual can help take the boredom away and make things more interesting. Moreover, senior care facilities in San Diego should also consider including a selection of virtual games, as they have been seen to provide significant mental stimulation among players.

1. Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles engage the mind of the player. It demands cognitive memory skills, word skills, and vocabulary skills. They are fun to play even when done alone. They are inexpensive to buy and they can be obtained in bulk, which means there is a lot of variety in one package. Crossword puzzles can be challenging, and they can take time to finish. They are a great way to exercise the brain while staying entertained. When done with someone else, they promote social interaction and improve camaraderie.

2. Scrabble

Scrabble is a popular board game. It is the go-to family board game by many. Hence, it is a perfect game for seniors because it promotes interaction among one another while playing the game. Additionally, it exercises the mind, because it requires word and vocabulary skills. Playing scrabble is like doing a little weightlifting in the brain. Moreover, since it is a multiplayer game, it promotes the creation of clubs, which further enhances the seniors’ socialization skills.

3. Trivia

If crossword puzzles are a bit ordinary, then trivia games might be more suitable for them. Trivia games are engaging and fun, and they promote having a healthy mind. They help improve the memory because the games require recalling information from the player’s younger years. Aside from being a brain workout, trivia games with a group make playing them more fun. Players socialize with each other and build rapport and friendship.

4. First-person games

When it comes to digital games, first-person games might be suitable for seniors. Aside from improving the mind, due to the need for playing strategies, they can help give their eyes a workout. Since digital games require hand-eye coordination, they help in improving their motor skills as well. Hence, with regular gaming, one can help keep their eyesight on point while staying focused and engaged with the game.


4 Games That Seniors Will Enjoy


Living in a senior care facility in San Diego does not have to be monotonous. There are a lot of things seniors can do, including fun physical activities. Playing games is not only for the young, because even the young at heart know how to have fun with the right games on hand. Although some may enjoy a little peace and quiet, it doesn’t hurt to play some games every now and then. Playing games does not only promote good health, it also promotes memory care among San Diego seniors. Here are some games that they can enjoy.

1. Wii Games

The Nintendo Wii has revolutionized how people play games. Playing sports can now be done even in the comfort of the living room. Just pop a game into the Wii and anyone can play a round of tennis, golf, or bowling. The amazing thing about Wii is that it promotes good competition. There are options to hold tournaments so players can battle it out against other teams. There are also options for learning new games, usually in Practice Mode. Therefore, those who are not yet experts at the games can take their time learning them until they become the people to beat.

2. Beach Ball

Tossing and catching a beach ball is a fun game for seniors. To make it even more interesting, tape random questions around the ball, and when they catch the ball, they should answer the question that is facing them. Aside from a physical workout, doing this gives the memory a workout as well. Some good questions to include can be about the best trips they have taken in the past, their favorite candy as a kid, their favorites sports, and more. This also allows them to open up to the group and share about themselves.

3. Jigsaw Puzzles

This is already popular among seniors. Adding new puzzles regularly may be something that will add more fun to them. If they have already finished a jigsaw puzzle several times, chances are, they will not want to play with it again. If possible, bring a new puzzle for the gang to play with every now and then.  Also think about some of the newer 3-D puzzles!

4. Video Games

There are lots of video games that require creating different strategies. Moreover, there are video games with interesting storylines for senior players. Try to look for those and let them give them a try. When it is new to them, the learning curve will give them time to master the game. Once they have mastered it, they will be fully immersed as they plan out and strategize how to win each game. To make this more effective, ask them what type of game they would enjoy and try to look for those.



Fun Ideas for Indoor Senior Activities


Sometimes, the weather in National City is just not cooperating, so it may not be possible to go outside. This does not mean seniors cannot have fun when they stay indoors. There are a lot of fun activities that can still be done while waiting for the sky to clear up. Here are a few ideas to get things started.

1. Try a new game

New games are fun and exciting. They are interactive and they are enjoyable to learn. It is widely known that seniors should try new games and activities, every now and then, because it helps with memory care in National City. New games require one to learn new rules and create new strategies. There are definitely a ton of indoor games out there, and it is virtually impossible that they have all been played by any one person. See what games have not yet been played and try those games. If they are into computer games, teach them those: many computer games can also be a lot of fun. Even if it is just a single-player game, it can be something that can get them excited to play every day.

2. Learn technology

The older population has a love-hate relationship with technology. Sometimes, when you give them a tablet PC, they do not want to use it because they think that they might break it. However, once they start learning how to use it and knowing about all the enjoyable things they can do with it, they are hard to give up. With the tablet PC, teach them how they can take photos and do some fun editing, how they can stream a movie, and how they can play certain games. The process of learning these things can be very enjoyable to them.

3. Dance

Dancing is a great physical activity for everyone. Whether they are young or young at heart, dancing promotes good health while allowing people to show off their dance moves. Although some seniors may think dancing is overrated, it is not only about the dancing. There can be a small dance-off that promotes a friendly competition among them. This way, more people would want to participate because there can be some bragging rights to winning. Moreover, this promotes socializing with other people. Start this by asking them what their favorite music is. Whether it is a slow or fast song, any music is for dancing.

The amazing thing about having a list of indoor activities for seniors is that it can show that they can still do fun things even when they are not outside. Moreover, having a list gives them something to look forward to,  because they do not need to do all of the activities at once. When they find something that they truly enjoy, they can stick to that for a while. The activities can be mixed and matched to make things more interesting while staying indoors.


Enjoy Better Quality of Living at a Planned Retirement Community

foru-benifits-sizedMany adults choose planned retirement communities as a safe, comfortable and pleasant option. However, some people also just aren’t aware of the quality of living benefits that a planned retirement community has.

No Noisy Neighbors

When a person makes the choice to move into a planned retirement community, they are often surprised by just how quiet and peaceful they are. These buildings and complexes are designed and built specifically for their residents’ comfort and this includes not just appropriate sound insulation but also arrangement of loud and disruptive services away from the residents. While the grass still needs to get mowed, trash removal, maintenance and other such services are designed to be less impactful to the residents. Also, with minimum age requirements and regulations around noise, noisy and disruptive neighbors just aren’t a concern.

Regular Activities

Planned retirement communities often offer a wide variety of organized and individualized recreational activities to help residents enjoy themselves. Many have pools, gyms, woodworking shops, libraries, media rooms and movie theaters available for residents’ use. Some communities have full time Activity Directors who arrange events such as book clubs, shopping trips and day trips.


Planned communities often have convenience as a high priority, which can be great for residents. Whether it is grocery and sundry delivery, in-complex shops and stores, laundry services, or scheduled transportation, the options a planned community offers can make life not just more comfortable but much more convenient.

Extra Safety Features

These communities are designed with the residents’ safety in mind and are built with features to reinforce this. Staff attuned to the needs of residents can help in the case of accidents or emergencies. Safety alert systems allow quick access to nurses and staff. Well maintained walkways and hallways keep those with limited mobility from falls and trips. Security features like video monitoring, visitor check ins and frequent wellness checks and precautions for residents needing memory care in San Diego can add a level of peace of mind that may be impossible anywhere else.

Healthcare Access When Necessary

A planned retirement community often offer nurses on site and can assist not just in the case of emergency or accident, but also in more mundane situations like medication administration or basic check-ups. Communities specializing in memory care in San Diego may have specialized medical options available.

Many new residents are surprised at how much nicer living in a planned retirement community can be than living in their former home. Putting the time into finding a community that focuses on quality of life is important and worth it.  Researching the available options and spending time visiting and touring the facility are critical to finding the best possible fit for a resident.