The Best Ways to Enhance the Golden Years

best-ways-to-enhance-sizedExperts refer to the ages of 65 to 85 as one’s Golden Years, and they most certainly should be! This is the age where one has earned the right to slow down, relax, and enjoy life and all that it has to offer. Here are some ways one can enhance the Golden Years in order to turn them into the best years experienced yet!

1) Climate

Who wants to deal with dreary rain, snow, and humidity? Drier, temperate climates are often a huge draw for seniors wanting to escape the hassles that come with living in a colder climate. Aside from aching joints (no, that isn’t just an old wive’s tale!), there is wet, heavy snow to shovel, icy sidewalks with the potential for falls, and the isolating loneliness that comes when it’s simply too cold to venture out. Often older folks will head for regions like Arizona or Southern California where the weather is fair and where there are lots of things to do.

2) Community and Friends

Speaking of things to do, the Golden Years should be packed full of wonderful times with friends! Many find fulfillment and rich community life with resort-style retirement communities that have senior care services included, like those in San Diego, for example. Others find community by becoming active in volunteer positions at local museums or art galleries. Still others find fulfillment by taking more of an active role in local religious organizations or in community groups that are designed to help others.

3) Romance

If one’s spouse or partner is no longer a part of their life, new romance can be an exciting addition to one’s Golden Years. Couples often find each other on stage-of-life dating websites. Sometimes they meet in church singles groups. Some people find romance at the planned activities at senior centers or at retirement communities.

4) Health

One of the most important things one can do to enhance their Golden Years is to invest in their physical health. Staying active, eating the right nutritious foods, and getting regular check-ups can be key components to living a happy life. It’s also smart to research holistic approaches to health for both mind and body.

5) Travel

The world is an oyster just waiting to be explored! With freedom from the 9 to 5 workday now a reality, why not visit all of those places dreamed of and have adventures? Whether it’s seeing the country through an RV or boarding a jet to head to Scotland, Italy, or the Mediterranean, this is the time to get out and see the world. Make memories to last a lifetime and make the Golden Years the time in life that’s the best so far.


Selecting a Retirement Community for One’s Parents

Chosing-selecting-community-sizedHelping a parent select a retirement community for senior care in San Diego can be challenging due to the options available and the variety of features that are offered by each. Engaging the parent in the decision-making process is critical and getting their input will make the process easier and the end-result much better. Determining the list of features that are required and nice-to-have is a great first step. The second step should be to research available communities and compare what is available against the requirements list. This should help narrow the list down to just a few that the person and their parent can visit and tour. That tour should include a visit to the cafeteria for a meal and a visit with the community administrator to get a full view of the community. Below are a few considerations as to what to look for.

Independence is Key

Independence is one of the most important factors to look for in selecting a retirement community. This is sometimes hard to determine, but a person can look for things like the design of the living area, how common areas and hallways are set up and what the security and safety features are. Transportation options offered can be a great independence supporting aspect, especially in the case of residents who no longer choose to drive. Communities that offer freedom in furnishing, decorating, and customizing their apartment are great to look for. Many offer cleaning and laundry services to free the residents from doing that work.

Focus on Companionship

One great feature of retirement communities is the opportunity to meet friends and companions that share similar interests. Whether as a couple or a single, moving into a retirement community can offer a significant increase in neighbors of a similar age and with similar temperament. Retirement communities can also be great for couples, as if healthcare needs differ, the couple can often stay in the same community simply receiving different levels of care and attention.

Keep Things Stable and Normal

Another feature that is important to residents is stability and normalcy. Look for communities that have set and regular schedules for things like maintenance, check ins, events and the like. Also, investigate the length of service of the administration personnel. A community with frequent turnover can be stressful and unpleasant for residents.

 Healthcare as Needed

Matching the healthcare provided with the resident’s needs is critical to the health and happiness of the resident. It is also important to take into consideration the resident’s health car needs in the future. A community that offers increasing levels of care will be able to support a resident’s changing requirements.

Selecting senior care in San Diego for one’s parents can be  challenging process, but keeping these thoughts in mind can help clarify the process.




Features to Consider When Evaluating Senior Care


If an individual has a large family, it may make sense for them to choose a location that is closer to their family so that they can easily visit, for example. If they have specific medical needs, it may be wise to select a place that is located close to their doctor or hospital. Or if the individual is interested in going back to school, pursuing a hobby, or doing something else with their spare time, it makes sense to choose a location for senior care services in San Diego that is close to these locations, as well.

As a person considers these services, it makes sense to evaluate the following:

Think About the Living Space

It’s important for one to think carefully about what they may want and need from a retirement community before making a commitment. Some are set up as a series of single family homes, while others are more like townhomes or apartment complexes. This means it’s important for a person to think about what type of building is most comfortable for them to live in. If they don’t like living close to others, or have only ever lived in a single family home, it may make sense to choose a retirement facility that also offers single family buildings. If they are comfortable in apartments, this may be less important.

Access to Fun and Hobbies

It’s also important to think about the hobbies and activities that one enjoys, and choose a location that is located in a way that makes it easy to pursue these things. If one likes to golf, it may make sense to retire near a golf course. If one enjoys fishing, a living area that features a lake on the map may be perfect.

Additional Amenities

It’s also important to consider the finer things in life when settling on a retirement location. If one likes museums, art, cultural events, and fine dining, are these things available in the area? Is there transportation available so that one can get around? If one is still driving, is the community centrally located? If a person is no longer driving, it’s important to ensure that there is public transportation that can be easily accessed from the main location.


One should also take security into account, as this can be a concern for many people. If one isn’t used to living near other individuals, it’s easy to go onto high alert even if it’s not totally necessary. An electric gate or doorman will help an individual feel more secure, and offer total peace of mind by limiting access to the community.

These details are all important to consider when evaluating senior care services in San Diego, and taking the time to look them over before making a final decision may help ensure that an individual is happier with the home that they decide on.

4 Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community


As a person gets older, it may not be possible for them to remain in their home or “age in place”. If this is the case with one’s family member, it’s important to know that there are numerous benefits to living in a retirement community. These benefits include things like ongoing activities, additional security at night, and available healthcare on demand. They make it easier for older adults to live on their own and stay as independent and healthy as possible.

These benefits are extensive, but the list includes the following:

Additional Security

Often, as one ages, they become more concerned about being able to protect themselves. This can be especially important to them if they live in a difficult part of town. Individuals who are worried about living alone and their own personal safety may find that they are very comforted by the additional security provided by living in a retirement community. Often these communities have security guards and foot patrols, so the individuals who move in can feel safe and protected.

Planned Activities

If one is used to living alone, it’s easy to feel bored when there isn’t a lot going on. At a place like Memory Care in National City, one can instead enjoy a variety of activities that are planned throughout the week and month. Whether one prefers to have their hair done on a regular basis, to play a low impact sport, or to enjoy a favorite board game, they’re sure to have quite a bit of fun with the numerous activities that are scheduled.

Ongoing Companionship

Companionship is a vital part of life, and of staying happy and healthy. An individual who dislikes being alone may find that they very much enjoy the ongoing friendships that they’re able to develop while living in a retirement community. These locations are designed to foster close relationships and build bonds, and most people find that they very much enjoy living near to so many like-minded people with similar interests.

Healthcare if Necessary

On occasion, healthcare becomes necessary. If this becomes necessary while one is living at Memory Care in National City, the highly qualified staff are more than happy to assist. They can either refer the resident out, or they can help them with some medical care on site. This care will help ensure that the resident is well cared for and that all of their healthcare needs are met.

If it’s time to make the move to retirement care, be sure that the senior involved is aware of the many benefits of these communities, as well. Pondering a move like this can be stressful, and it’s important that everyone involved knows about the positive aspects.

How to Find a Retirement Community to Suit an Active Lifestyle

organized-activities-sizedWhen it’s time to consider moving to a retirement community, but one still has an active, vibrant lifestyle, it’s easy to feel slightly overwhelmed by the possibilities available. Luckily, there are numerous options available for organized communities that are designed to support an active life.

For the best possible fit, consider senior care services in National City that offer the following options:

Organized Activities

Organized activities on site, such as scheduled times to play board games, watch movies, play golf, or do other specific things, are a great time to meet other residents in the community and form bonds. These events can be especially helpful for those who are new to the area or who are relocating from another area. To be the most comfortable in a new location, one should seek out a community that arranges activities on a regular basis.

Scheduled Trips

Another thing to search for when one is looking for a retirement community that’s an excellent fit is to find one that offers regularly scheduled trips to local destinations. These outings can be a lot of fun, and may include things like local zoos, tourist destinations, museums, or landmarks. In some situations, a community will book a trip to a location that’s a little farther away. These scheduled outings can be quite fun and provide a lot of variety from the day to day routine that an individual may have become accustomed to.

Companionship and Variety

Ideally, the perfect location will offer numerous ways for individuals to build strong friendships in a variety of ways. Like anything else in life, variety is key. As one searches for a destination to move into, consider the opportunities that are available to meet new companions and build strong friendships. It’s crucial that one not feel alone on a day to day basis; and building fun friendships will help make sure that this is the case. Enjoyable activities are a good way to do that, so an individual should keep an eye out for things that they like to do as they assess the literature and websites for various destinations. This will help them to determine if each specific place is a good fit, and if they are a good fit for the place.

Over time, it’s easier to acclimate to a new location when one feels at home. This can be accomplished by making new friends and settling in to the living space.  Settle in to a new location for senior care services in National City by going on scheduled trips and enjoying organized activities.

5 Moving Hacks That Make Relocating a Breeze


Moving is an exciting time in life as it means new opportunities, friends and experiences. Relocating yourself and your belongings can be a smooth and seamless process, whether you are moving to receive memory care in San Diego or across the country. Here are five moving hacks that are sure to make this the smoothest move yet.

Use Garbage Bags

Instead of filling up numerous boxes of clothes and hangers, keep your clothes on the hanger and separate them into small groups. Poke a small hole through the bottom of a large garbage sack and pull all the hangers, with the clothes still attached, through the hole. Then, pull the garbage sack down around your clothes. When you arrive at your new home, you can simply hang up all your clothes and cut the garbage sack off.

Use Lots of Paper Plates

Paper plates are a cheap and easy alternative to many types of packing material. For example, you can keep your glass plates safe by placing a paper plate in between each plate when packing a stack of dishes. You can use paper plates in thin spaces in boxes to keep items secure and protected.

Go Crazy with Plastic Wrap

Instead of emptying out a dresser drawer or dumping out your utensil organizer, cover these items with plastic wrap. Tightly wrap the plastic wrap around your drawers, with the clothes still inside, to prevent items from falling out. You can also do this to stacks of books instead of boxing them or wrapping baskets full of items. Just make sure you place the plastic wrap on tight.

Make A First-Night Box

Set aside one large box to move all the items you will need for your first night in your new home. Items you may pack in this box include soap, shampoo, a pillow, cleaning supplies, medicine, towels, etc. This allows you to have everything you need immediately without opening and searching through countless boxes before you go to sleep.

Color-Code Everything

Moving in can be a breeze by doing this one simple trick. Color-code your boxes as you pack them. Assign each room in your home a certain color and then label each box for that room with that specific color. As you move in, you can place the right box in each room, saving you from extra work and helping you find your belongings a little faster.

Moving should be an exciting time and not something that you dread. By being prepared and smart about the entire relocation process, you can easily move into your new home, enjoy it and start experiencing this new chapter in your life.