The Best Ways to Enhance the Golden Years

best-ways-to-enhance-sizedExperts refer to the ages of 65 to 85 as one’s Golden Years, and they most certainly should be! This is the age where one has earned the right to slow down, relax, and enjoy life and all that it has to offer. Here are some ways one can enhance the Golden Years in order to turn them into the best years experienced yet!

1) Climate

Who wants to deal with dreary rain, snow, and humidity? Drier, temperate climates are often a huge draw for seniors wanting to escape the hassles that come with living in a colder climate. Aside from aching joints (no, that isn’t just an old wive’s tale!), there is wet, heavy snow to shovel, icy sidewalks with the potential for falls, and the isolating loneliness that comes when it’s simply too cold to venture out. Often older folks will head for regions like Arizona or Southern California where the weather is fair and where there are lots of things to do.

2) Community and Friends

Speaking of things to do, the Golden Years should be packed full of wonderful times with friends! Many find fulfillment and rich community life with resort-style retirement communities that have senior care services included, like those in San Diego, for example. Others find community by becoming active in volunteer positions at local museums or art galleries. Still others find fulfillment by taking more of an active role in local religious organizations or in community groups that are designed to help others.

3) Romance

If one’s spouse or partner is no longer a part of their life, new romance can be an exciting addition to one’s Golden Years. Couples often find each other on stage-of-life dating websites. Sometimes they meet in church singles groups. Some people find romance at the planned activities at senior centers or at retirement communities.

4) Health

One of the most important things one can do to enhance their Golden Years is to invest in their physical health. Staying active, eating the right nutritious foods, and getting regular check-ups can be key components to living a happy life. It’s also smart to research holistic approaches to health for both mind and body.

5) Travel

The world is an oyster just waiting to be explored! With freedom from the 9 to 5 workday now a reality, why not visit all of those places dreamed of and have adventures? Whether it’s seeing the country through an RV or boarding a jet to head to Scotland, Italy, or the Mediterranean, this is the time to get out and see the world. Make memories to last a lifetime and make the Golden Years the time in life that’s the best so far.


The Seniors Club – What does it Mean?


Everybody wants to be a part of something. It’s human nature. Even if you are the shyest person in the world, there is still a part of you that wants to connect with other people.  When you reach your sixties, you can finally join a very special organization for people like you: the seniors club. Not everyone can be a part of this particular group. It is a privilege to be part of this club. Everyone who is able to join this community should consider themselves very lucky indeed. They get exclusive access to the best care, the best facilities, and they get to join fun activities. It’s an exclusive club and you, the senior, are its VIP.

Shared Interests

One of the best things about being part of a community in San Diego that includes memory care is having a group of people you can talk to. You might find someone with a shared interest, something which you are passionate about. This is great because you can talk with them about it for hours. On the other hand, you might also meet people who like things that you have no idea about. Talking to them is a great way to learn something new.  There is no age limit to acquiring new knowledge and skills. Talking to different people is a good way to acquire both.


Friends are great to have at any age.  You can never have too many of them. Daily human interaction is essential for both our physical, emotional and mental health. Having someone to talk to and spend time with is one of the best things about living in a shared home with other adults. Who knows, some of these friendships might even develop into something deeper. It would not even be surprising if you find your next partner here. No one is too old to start a relationship, whether it be of the romantic or simply the platonic kind.

Boost of Self-Confidence

Interacting with people at the memory care center in San Diego can give you a much-needed boost to your self-confidence. You are drawn out of your shell and you are led to discover things about yourself. You can express your thoughts and feelings without reservation, or simply listen and be genuinely interested in the other person. You realize you have value in the world. You have something important to contribute.   Your peers can learn something from you, while you in turn can learn from them. No man is an island. Whether young or old, everyone needs to feel that they belong, that they have a place where they can be at home!

5 Easy Steps to Find Love After 50


No matter how old or young, nobody likes to be lonely. This is just a simple fact of the human condition.

Since people are living longer and staying healthier than ever, dating is not just the young person’s game it was once thought to be.  This combined with the fact that it is now much more socially acceptable not to have to stay in a relationship that isn’t working, means that many more people over 50 are looking for new romance.

Contrary to outdated stereotypes, having the hindsight of experience often makes for a smoother and more pleasant dating experience.  This means more and more people are finding the love of their lives in the prime of their life.

Here are some easy ways to get out there and join the dating game:

  1. Define those dating goals:

    It is important to know what one wants and expects from a relationship, and one of the advantages to being in the golden years is having experience and maturity.  It is a great idea to put everything is writing to make it all more clear.

  1. Stop procrastinating:

    It is common at any age to make excuses for not dating, and older Americans are no exception in this department.  Whether people like to admit it or not, the primary reason for avoiding new relationships is fear.  And this can be perfectly understandable, particularly for those who already have a few significant long-term relationships under their belts. However, as the adage goes, the best way to stop fear in its tracks is to jump right back on the horse, and the dating game is no exception.

  1. Get online:

    Online dating sites are one of the best resources out there for people who are in the prime of their life. Finding the ideal social environment to meet people can be more difficult around retirement because many couples tend to meet at work or though coworkers. Online dating provides the ideal forum to meet other singles of any age who are also looking for love.  And because these sites often use scientifically proven statistical tools to find the best compatibility matches out there, they automatically sort through the riff-raff so no time is wasted on somebody who just doesn’t jibe.

  1. Get out there:

    One of the easiest ways to meet people and have a ton of fun doing it is to get involved in community events and happenings. Joining a ballroom dance class, a reading group, or a bingo club is a great way to get involved in a solid social group. San Diego senior care services facilities usually offer lots of social events geared toward helping people make new friends and establish new contacts, potential lovers not excluded.