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Seven Fun February Activities and Events for Seniors

Seven Fun February Activities and Events for Seniors

January 14th, 2021

Ah, February, the shortest month. The month of hearts, greeting cards, and… groundhogs? February may not be the most popular month, being right in the middle of the cold winter, but we know how to keep things fun for our older residents no matter what time of the year it is!

Paradise Village is here to help you plan out fun events and activities for your seniors in February. Everybody knows how to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so we thought we’d give you some fun new ideas you might not have thought of! 

Make sure to keep checking back every month throughout the year for our monthly activity lists! And if you’re already planning for next year, we’ve got your January activities for seniors covered.

1. Celebrate Black History Month

Lasting the entire month of February, Black History Month gives us all the chance to reflect back on the history of African Americans and the African diaspora worldwide.

To celebrate, invite your African American residents to share their personal and family history. If they’re interested in doing so, you can help them put together a presentation (such as a slideshow) to share with your entire community! 

2. Guess the changing of the season with Groundhog Day

One of the first calendar events of the month is perhaps one of the most bizarre observances in the country: Groundhog Day! 

Host a Groundhog Day party for your community by gathering everyone to watch the broadcast of Punxsutawney Phil predicting when the seasons will change this year. To make things more fun, have everyone write down their guess on whether he’ll see his shadow or not. After the main event is over, why not screen the classic 1993 film Groundhog Day?

3. Enjoy the snacks, funny commercials, and football

The biggest American sporting event of the year doesn’t always happen in February, but it’s fallen in this month every year since 2003. Super Bowl LV (55) is February 7, 2021.

American sports fans (and non-fans alike) are likely all familiar with what a Super Bowl party is like! Put the Big Game on the biggest TV, make fun party snacks like dips and finger foods, and sit back and enjoy the event.

4. Chinese New Year

Like the Super Bowl, Chinese New Year doesn’t always fall in February… but it usually does! The Chinese New Year in 2021 is February 12th.

Chinese New Year is an ancient holiday that has been celebrated for millennia, so traditional celebrations are well established. Some fun activities you can do with your seniors include:


  • Set off “fireworks”: Fireworks aren’t the safest thing for a retirement community, but indoor substitutes are great too! We recommend confetti party poppers.
  • Celebrate the animal of the year: for your creative residents, set up a crafting station for making the animal of the Chinese New Year. This Chinese New Year is the year of the Ox, so why not try crafting an ox out of a paper bag?


5. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

February is chock-full of holidays that aren’t always in February. Mardi Gras (AKA Fat Tuesday) is yet another one of these, occurring mostly in February, but sometimes in March. Mardi Gras 2021 is February 16th

Have a traditional King Cake (complete with a hidden baby!), hand out colorful Mardi Gras beads, and decorate fun masks to wear throughout the day.

6. Watch the Winter Olympics every 4 years

February takes its sometimes-holidays very seriously; some of them only happen every 4 years! The next two Winter Olympics are set to start February 4, 2022 (Beijing) and February 2026 (Milano Cortina). 

Make the games even more interesting for your residents by having them predict which nations will win the most medals. The guesser closest to correct wins a “gold” medal of their own!

7. Leap into March once every four years

Another quadrennial February event helps make the shortest month of the year just a little bit longer. Leap Day falls on the elusive February 29th every four years. Our next leap day isn’t until 2024.

Celebrate Leap Day with a frog crafting activity, whether you use modeling clay, construction paper, or something else. And, if you’re lucky enough to have a senior with a Leap Day birthday, you can celebrate every year!

The shortest month doesn’t have to be the least fun!

Paradise Village is all about giving our residents a carefree, responsibility-free life that’s fulfilling, too. Our weekly activities, events, and classes (like our February events!) are designed to enrich seniors’ lives. If you’re interested, you can learn more about our senior living amenities, or contact us online!

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