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Six January Activity Ideas for Seniors

Six January Activity Ideas for Seniors

January 5th, 2021

January can be a hard time of year for anyone, including seniors like our residents here at Paradise Village. With the winter holidays in the rear-view and the cold of winter setting in, it’s important to keep seniors engaged, joyful, and entertained.

At Paradise Village, we’re always striving to provide a fun environment. We wanted to share some of our ideas in this Activities for Seniors series, starting with January.

1. Throw a New Year’s Day Party

The first and most obvious thing that happens in January is New Year’s Day! After the fun of a New Year’s Eve party the night before, why not host a daytime party for the first day of the year?

  • Serve new-year foods like black-eyed peas, greens, 12 white grapes, and ring-shaped foods (depending on which cultural traditions you’re following).
  • Host a Resolution Writing event, encouraging residents to come up with resolutions, write them down, and keep to them throughout the year.
  • Ask your residents what traditions they love for New Year’s Day. This can help make the day special and unique for everyone.

2. Calendar Decoration Event

The beginning of a new year means it’s time for a new calendar. Many older people who prefer physical calendars to digital ones have to copy over all their birthdates and other reminders from the previous year’s calendar to the new one.

Take this chore and turn it into something fun! Gather everyone together who wants to copy over their calendar and provide them with all the supplies and help they need. You can even help them personalize their calendars with added decorations (stickers, markers, construction paper, etc.)

3. Start a Year-Long Book Club

In our experience, many residents put “read more books” on their New Year’s Resolutions lists. This represents a perfect opportunity to get all of them involved in a book club! If there are enough seniors interested, you can split the book club into smaller groups based on what books they want to read.

4. Celebrate Hot Tea Day on January 12

That’s right! The world’s most popular beverage has its own holiday (or at least, the heated version does). 

Setting up a hot tea bar for your residents is easier than it might seem; all you need is a hot water dispenser, mugs, add-ins (such as sugar, lemon, and milk), and a wide variety of teabags. If you’re feeling really fancy, you can even brew special pots of loose-leaf tea, or hire a local tea shop to come and teach the seniors all about tea.

5. Provide a Hot Cocoa Bar

Not everyone’s a fan of tea. For those seniors that have a sweet tooth, nothing could be better in January than a hot cocoa bar! 

Much like the Hot Tea Day event, this fun activity is pretty easy to set up. Just set up all the ingredients for hot cocoa (hot water and milk, cocoa packets, marshmallows, whipped cream, crushed peppermint, etc.) and invite everyone to come spend a warm, cozy afternoon together!

6. Celebrate National Hugging Day on January 21

Believe it or not, this is a real holiday! Invented in the 1980s, National Hugging Day is intentionally placed between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, a time of year we could all use a hug. 

Throughout the day, encourage your residents to offer hugs to each other and the staff (but always ask for permission first, as not everyone is a hugger)! For seniors who don’t get to see family in person regularly, digital “hugs” on a video call can be the next best thing.

Make this January memorable for your seniors

Here at Paradise Village, our first priority is providing seniors with a community where they can feel at home. Events like these are part of what makes that community a reality. Do you have any special January event ideas for seniors that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to check back in every month for our ongoing Activites for Seniors series.

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