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Five March Activities for Seniors

Five March Activities for Seniors

March 26th, 2021

March is an exciting time of year for the entire country. Winter is starting to melt away, and (depending on who you ask) spring is here or on its way! But depending on where you are, it might still be too cold, rainy, or snowy to get outside on a regular basis. Continuing our ongoing series (don’t miss January activities and February activities), we’re excited to help you brainstorm some fun activities for seniors in March!

1. Honor the women in your life with International Women’s Day

Around the world, March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day. Make your female residents feel special by dedicating an event (or the whole day) to them. 

If you’re feeling crafty, set up a station so seniors can create posters honoring their favorite women from history. Or you can keep it simple and throw a fun party for just the gals!

2. Spring forward, and don’t forget to change the clocks!

This probably isn’t anyone’s favorite March occurrence, but it’s important that we don’t miss it. Every second Sunday in March is the beginning of daylight saving time in the United States, when clocks jump forward one hour from 2:00 am to 3:00 am.

To make sure your seniors don’t miss it, hold a Spring Forward activity! On the Saturday night before or Sunday morning after the switch, invite everyone to bring their watches and clocks to a staff member who can help them change the time. 

3. Bake some pi on math nerds’ favorite holiday

March 14th has gained some notoriety in recent years as a special holiday to celebrate everyone’s favorite mathematical constant, pi! Fortunately, Pi Day doesn’t require anyone to do complex equations for homework.

Running with a play on words, Pi Day is usually celebrated with the baked good with (nearly) the same name, pie. Ask your residents to vote on their favorite flavors beforehand, or order a wide selection from a local bakery. Don’t forget to carve the number (3.14) or the symbol (π) on the pie cover!

4. Don’t forget to wear green on March 17

Who could forget what is arguably March’s most famous celebration, St. Patrick’s Day? This Irish-themed holiday is just about as popular in the US as it is in Ireland.

We probably don’t need to tell you about how to celebrate, but if you’re looking for St. Patrick’s Day activities for seniors, we recommend the following:


  • Help residents pick out a green outfit: Wearing green is a must for the day, but we don’t recommend encouraging your residents to pinch others who don’t participate.
  • Serve Irish dishes: between bangers and mash, boxty, and colcannon, there are so many great Irish recipes to choose from.
  • Craft some clovers: Organize a crafting party for seniors to participate in if they want to make their own four-leaf clover decorations, green Irish hats, or other festive decorations.

5. Enjoy equal day and equal night on March 20th

The Spring Equinox could be considered March’s most “real” celebration since it’s based on the astronomical behavior of our planet and sun. The (nearly) equal day and night on March 20th signify the beginning of astronomical spring.

Celebrate the longer days and blooming flowers of spring with your seniors by holding a flower potting activity! To keep things simple, you could buy grown plants to pot: peonies, lilies, and irises are great options for the month of March. For something more challenging but more rewarding, you could try to grow flowers from seeds.

March right into spring with your seniors

At Paradise Village, we know all about hosting fun activities for our senior residents. Whether we’re holding a spring activity like the ideas above or one of our regular weekly events, life at Paradise Village is a blast.

If you or a loved one want to join the fun, contact us online or give us a call at 619-475-5040! We’d be happy to take you on a tour of our senior living community right here in National City.



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