The Best Ways to Enjoy Your Golden Years

traveling-seniors-sizedPeople often refer to age 60 and beyond as “The Golden Years,” and for good reason! During the Golden Years, the hard work of raising children is done, years of toiling away at one’s job are over, and many of life’s hardest lessons have been learned. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy all the golden moments life still has to offer!

Here is a list of ideas for spending the Golden Years in comfort and in fulfillment of dreams.

1) Travel

Before, there was always work to be done. There were long hours at the office and soccer games and ballet recitals to attend. Any travel done in younger years usually revolved around family gatherings or things the kids were interested in. Now is the time to enjoy traveling to all the sites on your wish-list that’s been in the back of your mind since childhood. One woman tells the story of how during retirement and beyond, she traveled to all the destinations she’d always wished to visit. These included the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the sacred Beaches of Normandy, and the castles of the British Isles. She also spent her years researching her family’s genealogy, tracing the family roots back to nobility in England and eventually onto the Mayflower.

2) Family

Some people spend their Golden Years living in regret for not enough time spent with family in exchange for long hours at the office. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Why not use these years to make up for lost time with loved ones? This might involve travel to visit relatives around the country. This could mean regularly organizing summer barbecues or family reunions. Or it could simply be instituting Sunday meals at the old homestead to keep everyone gathering regularly and keeping up on each other’s lives.

3) Community

Focusing on community life is a great priority to have during the Golden Years. People can get involved at their local Commission on Aging and enjoy all the activities they have planned. Volunteering at an animal shelter or library is a great way to be more active in the community now that work schedules aren’t a factor.

Many find community with other like-minded individuals at resort-style retirement communities. Communities such as those in National City offer senior care services, along with other perks like planned excursions with other residents, and activities like community gardening, bocce ball tournaments, and frequent movie showings.

Whatever the chosen path, it’s important to remember that the Golden Years are a time where you get to choose what you want to do! It’s a time of celebration and self care that can bring some of the most beautiful moments in life yet.


What’s Life Like After Retirement?


For most of your life, you followed a routine, more or less. From age five to 21, you most likely went to school. From 21 to 60 you went to work regularly.  But now that you are retired, what will you do with all the free time that you now have on your hands?

Keep Doing Your Job

Maybe you are one of those lucky ones who truly loved their job. Who says you need to stop doing it then, once you are retired? You can still do your job after retirement but in another capacity. You can do consultant work in National City where you can get senior care services. You can offer your expertise to your previous company or even your previous competitors. Another option is to create a course and teach others who want do the same job that you did.  You can find someone who is just starting in the same job that you had, and you can offer to mentor that person and show that person the ropes.

Continue Learning

At one time or another, we have all thought: “I wish I had time to learn ….”  Maybe it’s a foreign language, or a musical instrument, or cooking your favorite type of cuisine. Whatever it is that you wanted to learn, now is the perfect time to do it, thanks to the senior care services available to you in National City. You might choose to enroll in a course, or you might want to ask someone you know to teach you. You can even learn the new skill on your own by reading books, surfing online and then, practicing the skill daily.  Learning doesn’t stop once you’ve graduated from the university, nor when you are retired from work. It is a lifelong process.  Now that you have more time on your hands, why not add another new skill to the already impressive list of skills that you possess?

Go On An Extended Vacation

There’s a popular saying that goes, “Work Hard, Play Hard.”  You have been working since you graduated from college. You did your job and you did it well. You have certainly paid your dues. But it seemed you never had enough time to stop and just relax, without a worry in your mind. Even when you took those short vacations from work, you were still thinking of your job waiting for you back at the office. But now that you have retired from work, you can finally free your mind and discover the joy of simply doing nothing. So, go on, take that extended vacation you’ve been dreaming of all these years! You deserve it!

Finding Fun Senior Hobbies


When you get older, there’s a lot of wisdom saying that you should take it slow, but not necessarily for bad reasons. Taking it slower could mean spending more time with your family if you live further from them, or simply relaxing and focusing on the things you enjoy after many years of hard work. For some people who thrive on working hard, though, sometimes, relaxing can be a bit difficult to do. One great way to achieve the balance of being active without putting any undue pressure on yourself is to take up a hobby, and there are plenty of senior-friendly options out there.

Debating exactly how to go about choosing your hobby? In some cases, it’s obvious, like that skill or creative talent that you’ve had for years but didn’t parlay into a career for whatever reason. Now is the perfect time to try and indulge that skill. It can be crafts, or writing, or painting, or cooking, or even acting. It doesn’t matter what the skill is, so long as you can enjoy it. Now’s the time to take advantage.

For some people, though, it may be a bit more difficult to make a hobby choice. In some cases, places like senior care services in National City can offer events and workshops that give you the chance to try out various things until you stumble onto something you like. Another thing worth doing is taking a closer look at yourself and think about certain activities that you enjoy, then find some non-conventional ways to do them. For example, those with a nurturing soul may enjoy volunteering at an animal shelter.

There are other options as well. For example, if there’s a sports team you’re a fan of or a piece of pop culture you like, it might be fun to build up a collection. Put that extensive knowledge you have to work to find some interesting pieces. Some may want to pick an activity with a more active component, like hiking or the performing arts. There are many options out there that match a senior pace and are a great way to get exercise as well as fill the checkbox of a hobby.

It’s worth considering enjoying your hobby with others. Depending on the nature of your hobby, you may have regular nearby meet-ups or events that you can take part in with other people with similar tastes. If not at these, there are online communities for just about any hobby or subculture you can think of. This makes for a great way to meet new people and share stories with those who have at least one piece of common ground with you. In time, your hobby may become secondary to the friends that you make.




How to Find a Retirement Community to Suit an Active Lifestyle

organized-activities-sizedWhen it’s time to consider moving to a retirement community, but one still has an active, vibrant lifestyle, it’s easy to feel slightly overwhelmed by the possibilities available. Luckily, there are numerous options available for organized communities that are designed to support an active life.

For the best possible fit, consider senior care services in National City that offer the following options:

Organized Activities

Organized activities on site, such as scheduled times to play board games, watch movies, play golf, or do other specific things, are a great time to meet other residents in the community and form bonds. These events can be especially helpful for those who are new to the area or who are relocating from another area. To be the most comfortable in a new location, one should seek out a community that arranges activities on a regular basis.

Scheduled Trips

Another thing to search for when one is looking for a retirement community that’s an excellent fit is to find one that offers regularly scheduled trips to local destinations. These outings can be a lot of fun, and may include things like local zoos, tourist destinations, museums, or landmarks. In some situations, a community will book a trip to a location that’s a little farther away. These scheduled outings can be quite fun and provide a lot of variety from the day to day routine that an individual may have become accustomed to.

Companionship and Variety

Ideally, the perfect location will offer numerous ways for individuals to build strong friendships in a variety of ways. Like anything else in life, variety is key. As one searches for a destination to move into, consider the opportunities that are available to meet new companions and build strong friendships. It’s crucial that one not feel alone on a day to day basis; and building fun friendships will help make sure that this is the case. Enjoyable activities are a good way to do that, so an individual should keep an eye out for things that they like to do as they assess the literature and websites for various destinations. This will help them to determine if each specific place is a good fit, and if they are a good fit for the place.

Over time, it’s easier to acclimate to a new location when one feels at home. This can be accomplished by making new friends and settling in to the living space.  Settle in to a new location for senior care services in National City by going on scheduled trips and enjoying organized activities.

Strengthening Family Relationships


Caring for elderly family members demands time and commitment. Some seniors also require specialized treatment and attention that family is not always able to provide. In those instances, an increasing number of families are turning to quality senior care services in the National City area. Close to home, and offering a level of care that everyone’s loved ones deserve, families are discovering the many benefits of independent and assisted living arrangements.

Being a family caregiver is challenging and frequently involves adopting or learning a new set of skills and responsibilities. Over 30 million adults in the United States have provided some kind unpaid care to a senior family member. As the nation’s population ages, that number is likely to increase.

Relying on senior care services can help alleviate some of the demands of being a caregiver. It has benefits for both parties and can result in a stronger and healthier partnership in care between parent and child or other family members.

A Labor of Love

Choosing to be a family caregiver entails a wide-range of responsibilities that not everyone is prepared for. Many adult children feel it is their obligation to care for a parent, but they soon discover that they have no idea what they are doing or how to handle difficult and delicate situations.

Family caregivers often find themselves in the midst of personal care crises, uncomfortable discussions, and other new territory like:

  • providing support during bathing and relief activities
  • cleaning up after episodes of incontinence
  • reacting emotionally to daily conflicts and behavior
  • not having the confidence to make decisions and choices
  • being frustrated and conflicted about how a family member is acting
  • not understanding or being unprepared for the complications associated with aging and health decline

Family caregivers are not professionals. They frequently lack any medical training or qualifications. In addition, they may not have ever faced a medical or personal family crisis and may not know how to act in an emergency. Providing care and support when they are confused or flustered may be especially difficult.

Relying on senior care services in the National City area can help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that many family caregivers suffer from. Taking advantage of professional support and expert care frees up time and resources so that family can spend more quality time with their senior loved ones. Not being the primary or only caregiver alters the personal dynamics between family members. When caregivers have more time to devote to focusing on a senior family member and not their specific essential needs, they can enjoy a more fulfilling relationship.


Choosing a Senior Care Provider


Choosing a provider for senior care services in National City may prove to be difficult and overwhelming, regardless of whether it is for oneself or for a family member. Indeed, there are many options available, and understanding which ones fit one’s needs and which don’t can be a challenge. Luckily, things will become clearer after doing some research.

The Starting Point

When going to senior living communities, the most important thing to ask as far as the offered senior care services in National City has to do with the level of care they provide. The options are as follows:

Skilled nursing — which is crucial for those who can’t take care of themselves any longer, and need to get constant help from a nurse. In these cases, residents either live in separate rooms, or may have a roommate.

Assisted living — which is for those who need some help with certain activities, like cooking, remembering to take meds, or bathing. In this case, residents usually live in private apartments or rooms, and are provided with daily meals. Nursing assistants are available to check on them every day.

Independent living — which is for those who can care for themselves, but may need help with some daily activities like cleaning and cooking. Residents live in private apartments, without having someone check on them.


Another important thing to ask about is safety, as it is another one of the most important aspects as far as senior care services in National City go. Retirement facilities must follow many regulations and rules. Asking the facility one is considering about what safety features they offer is a good idea.

Other Concerns

Knowing as much as possible about a facility is extremely important, as it will help one understand what they should expect. First off, one should ask whether the facility is operating legally and is licensed. In the same train of thought, one should also ask whether the license has ever been removed, and if so, why? In addition, if there are any recent inspection reports available, as well as financial records, it’s a good idea to have a look over them.

It’s also important to ask about the staff-to-resident ratio, as well as what type of training the staff members receive. A good way to see what life is like in that facility is to talk to current residents, as they will know best.

Finding a senior care service provider may be difficult, but as long as one knows what to ask of a facility, the choice should be made much easier.