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Bill Reando: Life Enrichment Director

Bill Reando: Life Enrichment DirectorWe are pleased to introduce you to a member of our Paradise Village team, Bill Reando. Take a moment to get to know this terrific team member . . .

Why do you like working with seniors and their families?

My grandmother Cora was the matriarch of our family. I spent many summers with her listening to her stories of her life growing up. I was amazed by how little she had yet was so happy and blessed. I couldn't imagine growing up in that time. I decided after high school that I wanted to work with seniors. This was my gift of gratitude to them for making life easier for my generation and generations to come.

Describe your work history:

I started working in the laundry dept. at 18 in a nursing home. While bringing the residents their laundry I enjoyed talking and listening to their stories. It reminded me so much of my grandmothers stories. The Director of Nursing saw that the residents looked forward to me delivering their laundry and asked if I would like to become a CNA, in order to work closer with them. I did and later became a Certified Medication Technician, administering medications, insulin, drew blood for lab work and eventually oversaw an RCFE at night as the supervisor. I decided to become an RN and started Nursing School. I was in my 3rd year and decided that my passion was in helping seniors enjoy their golden years in a life enriching way.

While working as a CMT in a nursing home I watched the Activity Director plan and implement activities daily. I watched how these activities did not showcase our resident’s lives or interests. I new from talking to seniors that they wanted activities that were age appropriate. I wanted to be a part of providing these residents with activities that they could feel good about themselves. Activities that allowed them to be active mentally, physically and spiritually. Activities that they were proud to be apart of because they had a say in what they wanted. I have never regretted leaving RN school and working in the activities field. I have been doing this for over 20 some years and it has kept me humble as I watch these seniors thrive.

What does our mission statement mean to you?

It is what everyone wants in life. To Enhance lives for yourself or for others and celebrating them is the greatest gift. I’m blessed to have the opportunities to do this in my professional life as well as my personal life.

What is the best part of your work day?

When residents, families and co-workers come to me and thank me for all that I do. It validates that I made the right decision to work with seniors.

Please share anything else you would like to add?

Working with seniors has taught me to never underestimate their past and future contributions.. Although they may speak softer their voices should be heard loud and clear. Without them, we would not have the luxuries we know today.

If you would like to give him a call today, he can be reached by calling 619-475-5040 ext. 48208 or email at breando@liveatparadise.com.

Living in Paradise:

"It is difficult to explain Paradise Village because everything is done so well… The entire staff is compassionate and caring under all circumstance. The emphasis on wellness is reflected in everything the facility provides and oversees."
- Marian, Resident

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