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Peggy: Wellness Director

Peggy: Wellness Center DirectorWe are pleased to introduce you to a member of Club Paradise Wellness Center, Peggy. Take a moment to get to know this terrific team member . . .

What is your professional training and experience?

It all started long, long ago in our family living room while exercising with my mom and Jack Lalanne, and then progressing to formal dance training as a teen. About 20 years ago, just as the term “Wellness” was starting to make its way into the fitness industry’s vernacular, I earned my degree in Exercise Science and Wellness. (I actually had a new, 71-year-old friend and aqua fitness participant at my college initially share the concept with me!) Since then, I have managed corporate and private wellness, fitness, physical education, and dance programs in various parts of the country including the Pacific Northwest, the East Coast, the Midwest, and the West Coast. In addition to my regular Wellness and Fitness Director duties at Paradise Village, I also specialize in creative, fun “cardio-cranio” fitness, functional movement, balance and stabilization training, movement education, choreography, and performance.

I am certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a nationally certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, and am an active member and student to the International Council on Active Aging, Exercise Etc., and the Y of Greater San Diego. I am also an accredited specialty land and aqua instructor for the Arthritis Foundation, and have completed specialty trainings in yoga, pilates, and aqua fitness with Yogafit, Pilatesfit, and The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Through the aforementioned organizations and others, I do my very best to stay regularly updated and informed on current fitness and wellness trends, recommendations, and protocol.

What is the best part of your job?

Well, after really thinking through this question, I realize I cannot come up with just one. So, here are three:

  1. Regularly witnessing the preventive and healing benefits of physical activity and Wellness/Fitness strategies in the lives of our participants
  2. Creating new friendships and relationships with our residents, members, and participants, and gaining personal wisdom, humility, and inspiration from them
  3. New adventures and opportunities await every single day!

Share a special story about how you or one of your staff’s work with one of our residents has changed their life/health/mobility?

Joe & Randy from the Club Paradise Wellness Center

Joe & Randy from the
Club Paradise Wellness Center

The success of the PV Wellness Department is based on a true team effort, and I am accompanied by two amazing Wellness and Fitness Specialists, Joe and Randy. Each of us experiences the benefits of not only our own efforts, but also remarkable commitment and dedication from our participants. Randy, who specializes in stroke post-rehab, workout curricula in “limited-to-independent” locomotion, and balance training, has positively impacted many lives in Club Paradise, one significant story involving a resident with motor and cognitive considerations. After thoroughly exploring the situation and working closely with the individual and his family, Randy developed an exclusive, very visibly effective program which utilized a variety of training models, ultimately resulting in high levels of physical and mental re-engagement and function. Joe, who specializes in beginner training, core strength, and cardio health, also heavily impacts the lives of many of our residents and employees. Through his gracious, attentive manner and unending enthusiasm for our craft, Joe has established himself as the seeming unspoken “go to” trainer for individuals who may need a daily boost of encouragement or a listening ear, all the way to those who are raring to go further with an innovative “tweak” or “jumpstart” from the expert.

If you were to pick one of two simple ways a senior could enhance their fitness what would you suggest?

Every day, remember to love your self enough to move around. Any effort is better than nothing at all.

If you have specific questions for Peggy, contact her at info@liveatparadise.com


Living in Paradise:

"It is difficult to explain Paradise Village because everything is done so well… The entire staff is compassionate and caring under all circumstance. The emphasis on wellness is reflected in everything the facility provides and oversees."
- Marian, Resident

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