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Scott Wilson: Dietary Director

Scott Wilson: Dietary DirectorWe are pleased to introduce you to a member of our Paradise Village kitchen, Scott Wilson. Take a moment to get to know this terrific team member . . .

Tell us a little about yourself:

My Mother and step Father owned three restaurants when I was growing up. So, from a very early age, I worked after school and on weekends – prepping a salad bar, bussing tables and helping with food preparation for catered events.

When it came time for me to pick a career and go to college I picked art. I still have a strong love of drawing, painting and photography.

After college, I moved back East to Virginia Beach, where I entered back into the restaurant business working for 9 years at an oyster bar on the water. I was the General Manager at the time the owner sold the restaurant. I was then inspired to open my own place. My wife Rhonda and I both agreed that being close to family was important. We moved back west to the Palm Springs area and opened Fusion One 11, with my brother who is also a chef. This is where I met Wendell and Betsy White, the owners of Paradise Village. They were regulars and I always enjoyed hearing about their life and what was keeping them busy. Who knew 6 years ago that it would be that connection that would bring me here to San Diego, and Paradise Village!

What do you enjoy most about your job at Paradise Village:

We get to create Paradise for our residents and their guests everyday! Often times at restaurants you see a lot of repeat or local customers. At Paradise we see the same and more! I believe that since I work where my patrons live, and I see them everyday, a different bond is built. The amazing stories they share are inspirational and I really enjoy getting to know each of them on a very personal level. I have met many interesting people and learned many new things from both residents and staff.

Tell us about your team:

Many of our staff have been here for 5 years, since we first opened, so some great teams have formed and have grown strong. Though the years, our staff has expanded and we have welcomed members with new ideas and new points of view. This is one important part of our chemistry that keeps Paradise fresh.

What is a new cooking method you are now using:

I recently learned that pureed eggplant can be used as a thickener instead of starch based thickeners. The eggplant does not alter the taste of the dish but provides a really nice alternative for our guests who are diabetic. I love finding these new ways to share comfort food dishes with those who may have diet limitations. I also enjoy doing new things with salads. There are so many creative, fresh and healthy ways to make a great salad. I love taking advantage of our local produce.

If you have specific questions or suggestions for Scott, contact him at SWilson@LiveAtParadise.com.


Living in Paradise:

"It is difficult to explain Paradise Village because everything is done so well… The entire staff is compassionate and caring under all circumstance. The emphasis on wellness is reflected in everything the facility provides and oversees."
- Marian, Resident

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