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Veronica Gutierrez: Sales Assistant

Scott Wilson: Dietary DirectorWe are pleased to introduce you to a member of Paradise Village, Veronica Gutierrez. Take a moment to get to know this terrific team member . . .

Why do you like working with seniors and their families?

It has helped me appreciate and learn about the aging process and what’s to come, I am better able to set priorities in my own life and remember to spend time with the people who matter most. I have a close relationship with both of my paternal grandparents, they are both in their 80s and when I visit them it is a huge highlight of their day, they look forward to the interaction and are so appreciative of my presence. After six years, I can say Paradise is family.

Describe your work history:

All I have ever known is to work with Seniors. Started working part time at the young age of 16 and while still in high school,at a retirement community, Fredericka Manor, what was supposed to be a summer job ended up being a five year commitment. I then heard about Paradise Village opening up and decided to apply. I have been an employee here since 2010 and have been given the opportunity to move around in three different departments, starting at Appetites cafe, moving into Concierge services and now with the marketing team as a sales assistant. I am also a student, working on my Bachelors in Hospitality Management because let's be honest, being a student is also a full time job.

When do you most feel alive?

Coffee in hand. Feeling grateful and inspired about the day and a day of work ahead, feeling productive is a huge deal to me!

What could you not live without?

I couldn't live without my sleep. I love it. I believe in taking naps everyday. Anytime I get a chance to sleep in is a great day. Which then brings me to the next thing I can not live without, Coffee, to wake me up.

What does our mission statement mean to you?

It means to find daily reasons and motivators to celebrate life and continue to thrive. To make the best out of each day by enjoying the simple pleasures in everyday life.

Do you have a personal mission?

Tackle one day at a time. I think this was a constant struggle, I was not very good at work, school,life balance but this past year I have made serious strides in achieving it.

What do you do in your free time?

I love a good hike and enjoy a bike ride,I feel so lucky to live so close to the beach and frequent the many new great restaurants in town.

What is the best part of your work day?

The best part about my day is interacting with residents, being able to greet them in the halls and follow up with them when I see them in the Plaza. I may be an introvert but I am a huge chatter box!

What's your favorite color?

Burgundy. I think it's a very sophisticated and serious color. This has nothing to do with burgundy being the color of wine. I promise.

Tell us about your family:

Mom is a stay at home mom who is embracing life as a grandma, my stepdad was a retired military who served in the army and went to the Vietnam war, unfortunately I lost my stepdad a year ago after a long battle with cancer. I have an older brother Leo, who is a chef and has worked for various restaurants in San Diego, he is engaged and expecting his first little girl in August, my twin sister Monica who has a career in Cosmetology, she is married to her high school sweetheart, has two boys Liam and Levi (she is always so busy,it's hard to catch her!) and a spoiled younger sister, Sandy who is pursuing a career in education, as a kindergarten teacher. A funny fact about my siblings is that we have all at one point or another have worked for Paradise Village!

Please share anything else you would like to add:

Paradise is family to me, it is my 'home away from home', I love it here, everyday is different and I'm truly grateful for the opportunity I have been given to grow and learn within this company and look forward to continue to learn about this wonderful industry.

If you have specific questions or suggestions for Veronica, contact her at VGutierrez@LiveAtParadise.com.


Living in Paradise:

"It is difficult to explain Paradise Village because everything is done so well… The entire staff is compassionate and caring under all circumstance. The emphasis on wellness is reflected in everything the facility provides and oversees."
- Marian, Resident

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